Season 3 / Episode 10: Creating a People First Culture with the author, Michel Falcon

This week, I’m delight to have Michel Falcon, Founder and CEO of Brasa Peruvian Kitchen | Author of People-First Culture. We’ve based a number of previous episodes around the People First Culture theme and to speak to Michel himself about it is very exciting.

Partial Transcript:

Dave: I love that. Thank you very much for sharing that. and I completely agree with you. And in fact, talking about Apple, I just found a couple of weeks ago that you, go into one of their stores, and all the Apple, employees, working there, are required to do 40 minutes of customer, service sales training on a daily basis.

Michel: Doesn’t surprise me.

Dave: It’s just they’re professional and they look after people, they ask the right questions. I’m, certain that’s exactly what you do in your restaurants as well.

Michel: Well, think about it. If you wanted to be a healthy human being, you should have some sort of movement for 40 minutes a day. Walking, lifting weights, some sort of hit exercise or whatever. So if you want a healthy business, how can we not practice the same? It could be 30 minutes, it could be an hour, or whatever. As long as it’s something that’s habitual. You don’t just host one customer experience seminar for your employees and not do it every month, or in this case, every day in some capacity. some companies see it as something on their to do list. They cross it off and be like, all right, we’re done with this company culture stuff. It’s got to be ingrained into the DNA of the company. It really does. It can’t be hollow.

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