Dave Drimmie

Is your construction business giving you the life you want?

I boost profits for construction company owners by improving operations, establishing systems, and creating self-sufficient teams, allowing for more freedom and financial stability.

Make More Money

Streamline Operations

Get Your Life Back

Growing a business is messy

Every day brings new challenges, and life is too short to struggle with these problems:

You are going to struggle until you get systems in place.

Do you want a construction business that doesn't require you to do all the work?

Avoid the pitfalls of failing to build the foundation your business needs:

Want a self-sufficient business - and a life you love?

Who I work with...

Construction companies
Renewables companies

Coaching is an investment

When you invest in yourself, you’ll get a return on your investment.

If you have ever purchased a property for sale or for rent you had to invest money and time to get a ROI. The same applies to investing time and money in business coaching except you can gain a more powerful ROI

My objective is to help you find at least £100,000 of “hidden” profit in your business within 90 days

DIY: Get the course
Done-With-You: 1-1 Coaching
Done-For-You Bespoke Consulting

The 3 steps to growing business freedom:

1. Book Your Breakthrough Call

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2. Your Bespoke Plan

Together, we’ll map out and execute the proven business growth playbook.

3. Relax and enjoy business freedom

Watch as your business grows, your life improves and your confidence skyrockets.

Dave Drimmie

You’re Not Playing To Your Full Potential/ Growing A Business Is Messy

I’m Dave Drimmie, Quantity Surveyor, Business Owner And Construction Business Coach.

Working life for me started in 1984 as an apprentice QS with Miller Construction. Fast forward 19 years to where I’m Chief QS hungry for more.

It was time to take the plunge and start my first business outside of construction, which grew to over £1M a year across the UK.

In 2008, I was tempted back into construction as a Business Development Manager with a fit-out company in Scotland. Over the next 5 years, we grew it from £6M to over £15M.

My gut told me there was more for me to do – that I had a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with construction company owners.

Coaching was the obvious next step.

The experience I’ve gained will short-cut your journey to success…and avoid the mistakes I’ve made.


The Time is Now

Learning to scale and build the business of your dreams is possible and I want to help you do it!

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