S3 Ep9: How Whole Person Assessments will help you make the correct recruitment choices, with Mike McCormack of PeopleRight

This week, I’m so please to have Mike McCormack back on the show, concentrating on Whole Person Assessments and they can be used before and during the hiring process to help you make the right decisions.

Partial Transcript:

Dave: Mike, you shared with me a story. It might be worthwhile tapping into this. It’s not just about, attracting and bringing in of, the employees, the five star employees, but it’s about also using, the profiles that you specifically use to elevate the individuals into leadership. That’s correct, isn’t it?

Mike: Yes. Depending on what level it’s kind of, opening Pandora’s box there. Dave, there are a lot of different assessments that can be used in different areas and for different purposes. How you started off our conversation is very, consistent with how most people think about assessments in that when they hear the word assessment, most people think about some type of four quadrant personality style tool. And the reality is, there’s a lot more types and kinds of assessments than that. And it really helps if you just take a step back and think about, okay, what am I trying to do with this tool? Before trying to select the tool and then understand what all the choices are that are available to you.

Dave: Great. Thank you, Mike. I appreciate that. So we’re going to dive into that.

Mike: Just now, think about the purpose. And for most business leaders, owners, managers, our end goal is to get the best people possible who can knock it out of the park. And the ones that are knocking it out of the park are usually not the ones who want to leave. So we want to find people who can do things well and want to stay. That’s the end game for all of us who are in business. So, like you alluded to earlier, there are literally thousands of different types of tools out there, and the vast majority of them fall into that bucket called personality style test. just to expand on that a little bit before we maybe drill down into some details, but other types of assessments include cognitive assessments, skills and abilities. What can they actually do? it might be manually, what can they do? It might be mentally. What can they do? There’s lots of different types of those assessments, and also, what kind of work are they interested in? So, getting back to your question, what we do is use information from all of those categories. in a client company, we will go in and assess their top performers and then show the owner, manager, leader, whoever we’re working with. We’ll show them what traits, characteristics, skills, interest, et cetera. Kind of the whole enchilada, if you will. We’ll show them what their top performers have in common and how it’s different from their middle or bottom performers.

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