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Transform Your Construction Business with Breakthrough Coaching

Dave Drimmie

The single biggest challenge for owners of Construction Companies today is time.

You simply have no time available to plan the growth of your business let alone spend time seeing your kids growing up…

So if you are tired of feeling stuck and unable to grow your construction business our coaching program is specifically designed for construction business owners like you.

Growing a successful construction business is hard work at the best of times.

And very lonely…

Business coaching offers you a way to work with an experienced business growth professional who will…

Make you aware of areas in your business that can be improved
Give you the education you require to make it happen
And hold you accountable to achieving the weekly, monthly and quarterly goals you set for yourself.
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Any of these sound familiar?

Cash flow problems
Declining profits and revenue
Late or non-payment of bills
High employee turnover
Difficulty attracting new projects
Poor project management and execution
Lack of investment in new equipment or technology
Poor communication and collaboration between team members
High levels of debt and increasing interest payments
Delayed or cancelled projects
And that's just the start…

What is the service I provide?

If you have ever played sport to a high level you will have had a coach to help you optimise your performance and guide you to achieving your full potential.

You trained hard at practice every week and played games at the weekend.

It’s all about scoring goals.

Business coaching is no different except that you are a business athlete who has a professional coach.

Success is achieved in 3 separate areas:

  1. Your Business Growth
  2. Your Personal Growth
  3. Your Personal Performance
A diagram demonstrating how you need personal growth, business growth, and personal development.

As business owners, we all need high levels of energy to grow the business, which means looking at our cardio, nutrition, mental health, and well-being.

Failure to do this will affect business performance because

The other key point is that every business requires a better business owner

You may be a fantastic tradesman but if you don’t know your numbers, know how to do sales and marketing to win new business or have leadership skills to lead your team… your business will not achieve its full potential.
Business coaching gives you the edge…
When we work together, you will:

And we decide which of the coaching packages are best for you right now:


Here you work through a self-learning digital course, Facebook group. Courses include ‘Know Your Numbers’.

1-2-1 Coaching

This is for owners who want to accelerate the growth of their company and obtain double digit increase in profits.

Group Coaching

If you prefer to learn in a group of like minded people and prefer a team approach to growing your business, this may be the best format for you.

You may also be interested in workshops where we work on a specific topic that will enhance the growth of your business and take it to the next level.

What is the process of working with me?

What happens next?

After an initial 25-minute call to discover if we are a good fit, the first thing we do when we start working together is to book a 60-minute video call to discuss what your goals are.

The next thing we do is:

For a company with revenue of £1M+ annually we usually locate over £100,000 of hidden profits which more than pays for 12 months of coaching.

Each company is unique though and this is a guide.

After we have found you some hidden profit, we look at the other areas of your business during a 90-minute video call.

Only then do we explore whether we are a good fit to work together.

As a business coach, I want to see you become successful.

If you have personal issues or simply the timing is not right then we are better not working with each other one to one, and we may decide you commit to working through one of our digital courses to prepare you for growing your business to the next level.

If you are ready for the journey of growing your business the final step is for us to plan out your bespoke programme so you know exactly which areas to work on first – then agree on dates for onboarding meetings and payment.

We will then have a call every 2 weeks to find out how you have done and you can ask questions and get feedback on the business growth exercises you require in the present moment.


Coaching Packages are as follows…

You’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost you? The price will depend on a number of factors. 

 Each of our clients has different requirements based on their needs.

I’ve broken down a few of the elements that impact the price of your package:

As you can see there are many factors that impact the cost of this service. But to give you an idea, my packages start from £1500.

To get an exact price, book a 15-minute call with me so I can work out a package that suits you.

How To Get Started

If you are ready to commit and finally have a healthier life, then book a 25-minute call with us today.

We’ll find out exactly what’s been holding you back and show you how you can accomplish your business and life goals.

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