S3 E3: Good Hires, Good Culture, Good Company with Emma Marriott

Join me in conversation with Emma Marriott (Emma Marriott Consulting, and recruitment expert) as we discuss good hires, bad hires, company culture, and more!

Partial Transcript:

Dave: What you’re sharing here is absolutely fascinating, because when when I think about, recruitment consultants, many don’t have the the experience you’ve got. Many do it in a very poor way. But your experience of actually growing a business all the way up to managing director, dealing with the internal clients, ie. Your own teams as well as the external clients, I find it absolutely fascinating because that must be part of what you’ve done, part of your experience in learning how to create a culture of growth, for example. And right here today, particularly in post pandemic situation, I think it’s really, really relevant because I’m hearing time after time after time, oh, I can’t find people, there’s nobody in my sector, there’s nobody good enough, et cetera, et cetera. Is that just like a time old record?

Emma: No, I think we’re in quite a unique situation, actually, just now. in the 20 odd years I worked in recruitment consultancy World, there was definitely trends where you would go up and down following the curve of a recession. Unfortunately, my stand out time would be 2006 seven was an actual boom time, where there was more job of mortal vacancies than there was people similar to now. But you could see that that was just a good, wealthy, strong economy. Then also went to 2007. The world seemed to fall apart till 2008 nine, where we get more of a balance of quite a number of jobs. One recovery point, good number of people. But then also we got that branding because there was a lot, an awful lot of people not entering construction, you know, in the 2007 time. They don’t see it as a career of choice. And then it comes to 2015, and you can’t find the people you’re actually looking for because they’ve never entered the marker at that point in time. So we get the difficulties of the push pool. But now I think we’ve not got a particularly buoyant economy at the moment, for a whole host of reasons, but yet we’ve still got a massive dearth of job roles are open that we can’t fill. And, yes, the employment rate is high. I think there’s been information out today that wage increases have been at a record level than they have ever before. But there is definitely the candidates and employees in the market are probably have more demands and more expectations than they ever have before. And I think we are not necessarily as employers going out to find the right people, where they’re hanging out and giving them the type of culture platform environments where people will thrive.

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