S3 E2: 5 Star Employees with Heenle Turner

We’re so excited to be joined by HR and 5 star employee specialist, Heenle Turner of The All In Company!

Partial Transcript:

Heenle: To answer your question, first and foremost, it’s so important to understand what a five star employee is. And that goes with in all facets because you’re never going to find a five star employee if you don’t know what you’re looking for. So our general theme around five star employees is that five star employees crave that transparency, they crave results, they crave accountability. So five star employee, um, meets all five stars of the five star criteria. First, the five star employees core values align with that of the business owners. Five star employees score seven or higher on the eleven universal qualities of five star employees. So the eleven universal qualities of five star employees is kind of that same DNA that runs through all five star employees. Things like they listen, they’re limber, and they produce quantifiable results for you. And there’s eleven different, qualities in total.

Dave: On that point, Heele just, ah, sorry to interject here, but ah, it’s a spreadsheet exercise, isn’t it? The person is yes or no or a number, or thereby it’s not, oh, this person might be a good person sometime in 2004 or whatever. It’s yes or no, isn’t it?

Heenle: It is, yeah. So we always look for, in our process, we’re looking for an objective application of the five star rating system, um, against your employees as well as applicants who are coming into your pipeline. So you run through the eleven qualities exercise and identify first with your existing employees. Well, does this person have this quality or do they not? So with your existing team, for instance, you can do the Quick M Litmus test, right? You can tell yourself, well, does this person listen? Does this person produce results for me? Does this person have, uh, the skill set, which is that third star, um, for the role. So, um, a very process based system to evaluate your five star employees and five star candidates.

Dave: Outstanding. So that’s two of the stars there, is that correct?

Heenle: Correct. Yeah. So you’ve got first is the core values. The second is they have to score a seven or higher on the eleven universal qualities of a five star employee. The third is that they have to meet or exceed your scorecard and expectations for the role specific aptitude and skills. So a big difference between saying it and actually doing it is what a skill is and aptitudes. Right. Every role has a different set of requirements in terms of what that person needs to bring to the table. So, um, it’s your responsibility as, uh, the business owner to understand what those aptitudes might be and what, um, your minimum expectations are for that. So we guide our clients through this step by step process to customize this five star rating system for their organization and the role, and then they’re ready to go to make that assessment, um, in their recruitment process.

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