Season 3 / Episode 7: Recruitment Strategies – Making the best Hires, with Tara O’Brien

This week, I welcome to the show Tara O’Brien, Recruitment Strategist!

Partial Transcript:

Dave: I’m loving this, by the way. This is absolutely brilliant. And thank, you very much for sharing because what I’d like to ask now is how would you I’ve got my own thoughts about how to do this. How would you build that platform? Because M, if you think about in business, we’ve got, when we sell anything, if somebody wants to buy a Tesla, if they want to buy an iPhone, if they want to buy whatever they want to buy, we all go through three stages. We go through awareness, consideration, and decision stage. So aware that we have a requirement for something, we then go out and consider something and we’ll investigate. And then decision is based about okay, price, et cetera. So what would be the first steps to a company or organization? building a platform to attract their ideal clients, would you say?

Tara: Yeah. And the recruitment or the candidate journey, as we call it, tends to go through exactly the same cycle as that. But we tend to call it awareness, consideration, and application are the first three stages in the candidate journey. And it’s a difficult question to give a definite answer to, because it really depends on the organization and whether they’re an organization that’s known in the area that they’re based in, or if they have a brand name that people are aware of. But ultimately it’s about building that employee brand, that brand that people talk about when they’re down the pub and say, oh, I work for this company, they’re a great organization to work for, this is what happens. I don’t know, I get to work from home three days a week, or I get to go early on Friday afternoons, or whatever it is that they’re talking about. And bearing in mind that most people don’t leave an organization for financial reasons, obviously some do. and of course at the moment, there’s a little bit more of that because of the financial current situation, where it’s difficult for people to, cost of living is going up. but generally speaking, people leave because of their manager or because of the organization. And it’s usually linked in with fairness somewhere along the line. They rarely leave just because of money. So if you’ve got somebody talking about an organization, the organization they work for being I don’t know, really inclusive, really caring, really wanting M to look after their employees and nurture them, they’re going to tell other people that. And that’s how you start to spread your brand message. there’s other ways you can spread your brand message. so tools like LinkedIn, if you’re recruiting for people in the professional sector, LinkedIn tends to be a great tool. Getting people to follow your social media pages. LinkedIn obviously, but the Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, whatever the platforms are on, that you’re on at the moment. But also then putting out content that’s going to be relevant to them. Where companies go wrong with these type of pages is they start to put out information about why they’re brilliant. Nobody cares about that. You’ve got to focus on what’s in it for the candidate. So you’ve got to put yourself in the candidate’s shoes and think, what’s in it for me from the candidate’s perspective. So saying, we’re an organization, we’ve got offices in, blah, blah, nobody cares. What they care about is how you’re going to make them feel and what you’re going to do to make them feel like they’re the right employee for your organization. And so that content that you need to put out to really, build that, ah, brand needs to be all about what you’re going to give to the candidates, not who you are.

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