S3 E5: Mindset, Core Values, Culture and everything in between with Paula Wingate of Influential Minds

An amazing episode this week with Paula Wingate of Influential Minds

Partial Transcript:

Paula: Everybody gets out of bed because the doctor gets to get out of bed to watch TV. They get out of bed to make a difference, to be that game changer serve. they want to feel amazing, they want to feel fulfilled. But yet most employees are trained to get out of bed to fill a nine to five slot. So don’t matter if you’re on Facebook, don’t matter if it’s on LinkedIn. It’s between nine and five. Right? I’ve got to fill my time. Whereas if we flip it and go, Right, I tell you what, do your daily target today, and as soon as you finish, get yourself off home. If you finish at 01:00, get yourself off my bank the time. If you finish by 10:00, get yourself a phone. and teach these employees to be sharper, not to fill the time, but to actually how do I actually do my job in a high quality return? Hit my targets, let the business grow, and then by going, take a rest day, just like a footballer would do, if that makes sense.

Dave: Absolutely. But I think that’s a lovely way of putting it, actually. And it’s just, reflecting on that just now, if we can inspire people, particularly post COVID and what have you, or post lockdown, I should say. But in terms of, performance, if we can excel in a shorter period of time, then the employees of the team are allowed to take time off. That’s just such a wonderful way to help them go and spend more time with their family, but cram in as much work as possible that can optimize the performance of a company.

Paula: Yeah, it’s an operating they’re like, you know, like, I see this 95 or fill the 95 strategy and they don’t hit the targets. And I go, Why are you here, then? How do you feel if you don’t hit the targets? Where’s your fulfillment? Where do you feel special? And they go, we don’t. We just come here and do the job, paul and then they go and I’ll go, okay, and how would you feel if we did it the other way, where you felt brilliant, you felt fulfilled and you learned, I’ll take your daily target in the shortest piece of time, just like an athlete would do. So you same bolt has trained his body to hit that 100 meters target in the quickest time possible. Turn them much of the money as possible. And I’m thinking everybody is an athlete, whether you’re a business, whether you’re an employee, whether you are a footballer, everyone’s an athlete. So why are we not training our, body to return or be stronger or be sharper to return these returns for whatever business or your family or your friends, and play this level of fairly messing about and fannying about getting straight to the point.

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