S2 E13: Cash (flow) is still King and the money hidden in your business with James from Counting King

Join me in chatting to James of Counting King and discover why you might have money hidden away in grant/tax eligibility.

Partial Transcript:

Dave: I found this absolutely fascinating because when we first met, I had no idea about this. But I also discovered very, very quickly there’s a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon, but they actually are only thinking about themselves as business owners, where you think very much differently. It’s quite a holistic approach. You’re really caring about the results of the business and the business owner. That’s correct, isn’t it?

James: Ye, absolutely. I think in our market space, a lot of our competitors, um, either do one or two of the things that we do. Don’t look at the kind of like that term, but that’s what it is, like a holistic view and saying, what’s the right thing for the business? . Sometimes we do speak to businesses that have looked at R and D, and we will always try and gravitate to, as I like to call it, um, where we can get free money for the client first. Or money. That they can get to without having to, , consider servicing that or paying, , an interest or arrangement fee in any shape or form. M, if that isn’t available to them and they don’t qualify, then we can look at other forms of funding. But the good thing is about all these, , various forms of funding, we can look , at, , all aid in cash flow, um, but in most cases, they can all work in tandem. So it’s not that you have to choose one over the other. So for example, we’re speaking to businesses where the initial discussions about R and D, but it actually comes through in discussion that um, they have a bit of an issue with cash flow in general. It’s maybe a little bit slow and , they would like to accelerate that and take a bit more control over their own businesses cash flow and not be treated, as one client said to me recently, not be treated like a bank by their customers. Which is a very fair point.

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